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Patna: Against the common belief that the temple at Ram Janambhoomi at Ayodhya was demolished by Babur, a new book “Ayodhya Revisited’ claims the Babri Masjid was never built by Babur. All this happened during the reign of Aurangzeb in 1660 and Babur had no role to play, claims Kishore Kunal,a, IPS of 1972 batch (Gujarat cadre) who was  Officer on special duty -Ayodhya in ministry of Home in 1992. The book to be released next week has a foreword from former chief  justice of India G B Patnaik  who observed the book has established  the fact that Babur practiced  religious  tolerance  and  was not fanatic.

Kunal had taken VRS, eight years before  his retirement age, to build the world’s tallest Ram temple in East Champaran district. His experience  as OSD (Ayodhya) in the union home ministry had played  a vital role in  resolving the dispute and his experience came  handy in translating  several documents and manuscripts and in giving a picture different from what had been given by general historians,the foreword says.

Kunal, in his book, has convinced through the old documetns  and Sanskirt texts  and archaeological excavation reports that there existed a temple at the place in question whereas many historians have indicated that there never existed any temple.

Kunal  claims Mughal rulers right from Babur to Shahjahan  were quite liberal and extended patronage to  all religions. Kunal is also planning to file an intervention petition in the Supreme Court where the dispute is pending judgement following an appeal filed agaisnt Allahabad high Court judgement. A student of history in his college days, Kunal quoted some English and French scholars to establish the exisence of temple at the site in question at Ayodhya. He claims  inscriptions on the structure were fake and fictitious.

Kunal recalls that on December 6, 1992, evening after the report of demolition was conveyed to the then prime minister P V Narsimha Rao, his one liner was”Sub Hanumanji ki kripa hai.”

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