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Munger: Block Devlopment Officer (BDO), Jamalpur, in Munger  district, Abhishekh Prabhakar was on June 15 not allowed to participate at a meeting convened by the district magistrate for coming late.

DM Udaya Kumar Singh had convened a meeting of the BDOs of the district besides other officials on Wednesday for making  suitable arrangements for the coming Shrawani Mela when more than twenty lakh people pass through Munger from north, south and eastern parts of  to collect Gangajal from river Ganga at Sultanganj en route Baba dham (Baidyanathdham), Deoghar, at his official meeting hall.

When the Jamalpur BDO entered the meeting hall, the meeting had started. He was late by half- an- hour. The DM asked him to see his watch and told him to return back quietly. The DM said that the officials must be punctual.This development has given a good lesson to others.

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