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New Delhi : PM Narendra Modi, in 82nd Episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on AIR on October 24, 2021, said that the success of the Covid-19 vaccination programme displays the capability of India…manifests the might of our collective endeavour. Modi on October 24 started with “My dear countrymen, Namaskar…namaskar a billion times! And I am saying ‘koti-koti namaskar’ also since after crossing the 100 crore vaccine doses, the country is surging ahead with a new zeal; renewed energy.”

Modi said that the figure of 100 crore vaccine doses might surely be enormous, but there are lakhs of tiny inspirational and pride-evoking experiences, numerous examples that are associated with it. Many people are asking in their letters to me how, with the commencement itself of the vaccine, I had developed the belief that this  that this campaign would achieve such a huge success!

“I had this firm faith, since I am well acquainted with the capabilities of my country and her people. I knew that our healthcare workers would leave no stone unturned in the vaccination of our countrymen. Our health workers, through their tireless efforts and resolve, set a new example…they established a new benchmark in service to humanity through innovation and sheer determination. There are innumerable instances about them that convey how they crossed all hurdles and provided the security shield to the maximum number of people. We’ve often read in newspapers, heard elsewhere as well how hard our people have worked to undertake this task; numerous inspiring examples are there in front of us, one better than the other,” Modi said, according to a PIB release.

Introducing a healthcare worker Poonam Nautiyal from Bageshwar in Uttarakhand to the listeners, Modi said,” She is from Bageshwar, part of the very land of Uttarakhand which accomplished the task of administering cent percent of the first dose. The government of Uttarakhand also rightfully deserves accolades since it’s a remote area with difficult terrain.I am given to understand that Poonam ji has persevered day and night for the vaccination of people in her area.”

Poonam said, “I am fortunate to have got an opportunity to come to Bageshwar. In a way, it has been a pilgrimage site…there’s an ancient temple as well…I was deeply touched…wonder how people would have managed the task centuries ago! when it used to rain there, the road used to get blocked. We’ve gone crossing the river.”

Modi said it is on account of the hard work put in by lakhs of health workersthat India could cross the hundred crore vaccine doses mark. “Today, I am gratefully expressing thanks, not just to you but to every Bharatvasi, every Indian who raised the ‘Sabko vaccine – Muft vaccine’ campaign to such lofty heights of success.”

PM Modi while stating that October 31 is the birth anniversay of Sardar Patel, said that we must associate ourselves with some activity that conveys the message of national unity. “You must have noticed that recently Gujarat Police took out a Bike rally from the Lakhpat Fort in Kutch to the Statue of Unity. To celebrate Unity Day, the personnel of Tripura Police are organising a Bike Rally from Tripura to the Statue of Unity… That is connecting the country from East to West. Personnel of Jammu- Kashmir police too are giving this message of unity of the country by taking out a similar Bike Rally from Uri to Pathankot. I salute all these jawans. I have also come to know of many sisters from Kupawara district of Jammu-Kashmir. In Kashmir, these sisters are working to make the Tricolour for the Army and government offices. This work is brimming with the sentiment of patriotism. I appreciate the spirit of these sisters. You too must do something for the unity of India, for the greatness of India. You will see how satisfying this is,” Modi said.

Modi said life desires continuous progress, desires development, desires to surpass heights. However, much science may advance, however much the pace of progress may be, however grand the buildings may be, life feels incomplete. But when song-music, art, drama-dance, literature is added to these, their aura , their liveliness increases many times.

” The role of songs – music and other art forms is major in developing the inner self of humans, in creating the path of journey of our inner self. And another strength of these is that neither time nor boundaries can limit them…not even beliefs or discordance can limit these. The colours of one’s art, culture, song, music must certainly be filled in Amrit Mahotsav too,” PM Modi said.

The PM said the pace of use of modern technology including Drone Technology has increased in the country in the last few years. Today if we have any wedding procession or function, we see a drone shooting photos and videos. The spectrum of a drone’s usage and its capabilities is not just limited to that.  India is one of the first countries in the world, which is preparing digital records of land in its villages with the help of drones. ” India is working extensively on using drones for transportation. Whether it is farming in the village or delivery of goods at home; Providing help in emergency or monitoring law and order ; it is not long before we will see drones being deployed for all these needs of ours. Most of these have already started. Like a few days ago, nano-urea was sprayed in the fields through drones in Bhavnagar, Gujarat,” Modi said.