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New Delhi : The Gurugram Zonal Unit (GZU) of Directorate General of GST Intelligence (DGGI) has arrested three persons under the provisions of the GST Act on charges of running multiple fake firms on the strength of fake documents in two different cases.

Two persons were arrested from Delhi on October 5 and October 9, 2021, on charges of orchestrating a fake billing racket involving more than 20 fake firms where more than Rs 22 crore of fraudulent input tax credit (ITC) was taken thereby defrauding the exchequer. Both the persons were arrested and produced before CMM, Delhi, and were subsequently sent to 14 days Judicial Custody.

In another case of fake billing, a resident of Pataudi, Haryana, was also arrested. He was found to be in possession of huge cache of incriminating documents like fake stamps of Government Departments, and cheque books and ATMs of multiple fake firms, toll receipt book, “Dharam Kanta” or Weighing station booklets, fictitious transporters booklets etc. The same were being used to show evidence of fake supply of goods on which fake input tax credit was generated and passed on through these slew of fake firms. Based on the evidence, the person was arrested on October 23, 2021,  under the provisions of the GST Act on charges for defrauding the Government of more than Rs 26 crore of GST. The arrested person has been sent to 14 days Judicial Custody.

Further investigations in both the cases are underway, according to a PIB release.