Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : Ara Municipal Corporation (AMC) is yet to wake up to the challenges posed by novel Coronaviris (COVID-19) pandemic. The AMC has been  allowing garbage and filth accumulate on roads instead causing a lot of problems to the people.  The AMC has run fogging machine in  different areas of Ara town only once so far.

The AMC let silt spread roads causing air pollution and breathing problems for the people. It sanitised houses and areas under its jurisdiction only with water. Two vehicles of AMC are seen regularly plying on roads for collecting garbage from different areas. Municipal Commissioner, AMC, Dhirendra Paswan, claimed that the AMC is regularly cleaning and sanitising houses and different areas and also collecting garbage from the roads.

All types of vehicles are plying on roads and no one bothers to check them though the district administration has deputed police force in uniform and also in civil dress. Youngsters on motorcycles move on roads aimlessly and auto-rickshaws are also plying. In the evening, people in groups are seen on  different roads chatting or sitting on roadsides without work. Though police are penalizing the lockdown violators but it has failed to deter them so far.