Arun Lata Sharma

Sitamarhi : Three out of eight Assembly Constituencies (ACs) in Sitamarhi District went to polls in second phase of Bihar Assembly Elections on November 3, 2020. The polling was held in Sitamarhi, Runnisaidpur, and Belsand constituencies peacefully barring stray incidents of scuffle.

The poll percentage was slightly low due to several reasons including lack of enthusiasm among voters in both Urban and Semi-urban areas. TheĀ  Covid-19 pandemic, however, did not put long shadow on elections in these three segments.
People stepped out of their housesĀ  wearing mask and underwent thermal scanning at the polling booths. They used hand sanitisers before polling process. But, there was not sufficient gloves at polling stations.

Sanjay Kumar, an LIC executive, said that it was a novel experience of casting vote during pandemic amid safety measures at booth number 107 in Sitamarhi constituency. Bechan Sah, 103, cast his vote at booth 254 in Runnisaidpur assembly segment with confidence maintaining COVID protocol. He thanked the officials for co-operating with him.
Voters without masks were not allowed to enter polling stations. Village women were spotted using their stoles or Dupatta to cover mouth and nose while Male voters opted for light towels. The villagers were seen helping each other in covering face and nose areas.
The small time (chchutbhaiyya) politicians cutting claimed victory of their respective candidates.