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P Mishra

Giridih: The court of Giridih district and session judge – 4, Arvind Kumar Pandey, sentenced a rural couple to 10 years’ imprisonment for burning their daughter in-law to death for dowry three years back. The convicts, identified as Chintaman Ravidas and his wife Geeta Devi of village Kharsan village under Gawan police station in Giridih district, were also slapped a fine of Rs 5,000 each.

In an FIR lodged with Gawan police station on October 11, 2013,  deceased’s father Mathura Ravidas, had said that his daughter’s marriage was solemnised with Naresh Ravidas of Kharsan about 4 years before back.  “She was always tortured and assaulted by her husband, father – in-law, mother in-law and other members of the family for a dowry of Rs 1 lakh cash and a gold ring right from the beginning. As we failed to fulfil their demands, they ultimately burnt my daughter to death in the night of October 10, 2013,” Mathura Ravidas alleged in the FIR.  

“All have been convicted under sections 304B and 34 of IPC for dowry murder and committing crime by a group of people with common intention,” said senior advocate Durga Pandey.

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