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Ara: Resentment prevails among Shahpur residents in Bhojpur district due to non- completion of a bridge over river Dharmavati even after over a decade. As a result, the people of at least six villages have to cover long distance to reach Shahpur block headquarters.

The then MLA Shivanand Tiwari had sanctioned Rs 12 lakh in 2003-2004 for construction of  a bridge over Dharmavati river connecting Sahjauli-Hori Pipara villages under Shahpur block. The work started on war footing and pillars were erected but abruptly the work stopped. The pillars are now in dilapidated condition.

Had the bridge been completed, people of at least half a dozen villages like Suhia, Sunki, Horil Chhapara, Bujha Rai ke Dera, Hiraki Pipara under Shahpur block would have needed to travel only two kilometre to reach the block headquarters but  at present they have to cover at least 7 km to reach there. The bridge would have also benefited the farmers and businessmen of the area. The people of the area said that the bridge was not built even after 12 years. Bhojpur  District Magistrate could not be available for his comment on the matter despite several efforts.

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