Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : An inmate of Ara Remand Home, located at Dhanupura under Ara Town police station (PS) in Bhojpur District in South Bihar, committed suicide by hanging himself to the ceiling of the bathroom on October 15, 2021, late evening. Taking advantage of the melee triggered by the incident, 10 inmates of Ara Remand Home escaped breaking the gate.

The deceased was identified as Monu of Budhanpura under Buxar Town PS in neighbouring Buxar District. He was an accused in kidnapping of a girl of his village. Police brought the body over to Ara Sadar Hospital for post-mortem. Police are also conducting raids to arrest the absconding inmates.

Superintendent-in-charge, Ara Remand Home, Ravi Shankar Verma, said that 14 of 87 inmates of Ara Remand Home including the deceased were quarantined. MonuĀ  was arrested from New Delhi in connection with kidnapping of a girl of his village and was brought over to Ara Remand Home on October 6, 2021, Verma said. He said that Rekha Devi, cook at the Remand Home, served food to all the inmates around 7.30 pm and after taking his meal, Monu entered the bathroom and shut the door. After that he committed suicide by hanging himself to the ceiling of the bathroom, Verma said.

When Monu did not come out of the bathroom, other inmates raised alarm. Hearing their cry, employees of the Ara Remand Home rushed to the spot and broke open the gate of the bathroom and found the body hanging to the ceiling. They rushed him to Ara Sadar Hospital but he succumbed on way to the hospital.Verma said that he had earlier tried to commit suicide by consuming phenyl after coming to the Remand Home but he was rescued. He said that taking advantage of the melee, at least 10 inmates of Ara Remand Home escaped breaking the gate of the Remand Home.

Elder brother of the deceased said that Monu had escaped with a girl of the village to New Delhi and family members of the girl had lodged a named FIR for kidnapping of the girl. Under mounting police pressure, the family members caught both the lovebirds from New Delhi and handed them over to police, he added.