Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara: A case of getting admission to the Teachers’ Training College, Bihia, in Bhojpur district for the academic session 2016-2018 by some candidates by producing fake certificate has come to light though the college administration claimed that the certificates were under scanner.

The state government had directed for training of those contract teachers who had passed the TET. The Teachers Training College administration at Bihia took admission of the selected teachers on marks basis. But over a dozen teachers who have passed the TET, got themselves admitted to the Teachers’ Training College at Bihia by producing fake certificates. They succeeded in getting themselves admitted in the college by manipulating their marks-sheets of the TET. The scanned marks-sheets produced by them  admission were reportedly found manipulated. College sources said that altogether 16 contract teachers produced marks-sheets showing over 70% of marks in the TET while their original marks were around 50% . But, no FIR has so far been against them in this regard.

Principal, Teachers’ Training College, Bunnu Kumari Pandey, said that the college had 200 seats and all the seats were full. She said that the Education Department asked her to take CDs containing original marks of the TET pass teachers to be verified with the marks sheets produced by the teachers at the time of admission. She said that the CDs could not be available till date and no action can be taken without verification .

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