Kumar Rajiv Nayan

Ara : With the arrest of five more persons on March 8, 2017, for vandalism and arson at Barhara in Bhojpur district on March 5 after the death of a mason Chhena Tatwa on March 4, the number of persons arrested in this case so far has increased to 36.

After the death of Chhena Tatwa on March4 in police custody, hundreds of women and children on rampage and arson on March 5, 2017 and set afire Barhara police station, documents, and about two dozen police vehicles and private vehicles parked on Barhara police station campus.

Police had arrested Chhena Tatwa in a drunken state on March 4 after his daughter Nitu Tatwa complained that her father uses filthy language and tries to outrage her modesty in drunken state and took him to Barhara police station but the arrested person died in police custody. Police said that Chhena Tatwa alias Ramjas Tatwa, 38, son of Paras Tatwa, jumped down from the running police vehicle and succumbed to his injuries but his daughter Nita Tatwa and wife Shobhanti Devi accused police of assaulting him resulting in his death.

SDPO, Ara,  Sanjay Kumar said that Chhena Tatwa tried to escape from the running police jeep and jumped off the vehicle sustaining head injuries. He said that Nitu Tatawa, daughter of the deceased, had complained to police in writing that her father always used filthy language and forced  her to marry him in drunken state.

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